The Scarlet Lady

The Scarlet Lady - Italy 1938

A woman immured alive during the 16th century and a woman who finds her sad remains in 1938 are linked together by a Jewish enigma. Some mysterious papers are found with the skeleton of the Scarlet Lady. They contain a riddle which begins a breathless treasure hunt through the pre-war Europe of the 1930s.
In the very first pages the reader joins Letizia, a courageous art historian, in a small village north of Rome, where she leads the restoration of an ancient aristocratic mansion. Under threat from the Fascist regime,Letizia is helped and supported by a brave prostitute and a gallant Captain.
The cruel facts of racial discrimination against the Jews in Mussolini's Italy form an authentic backdrop to this adventurous tale. Appealing characters and clever symbolism entice the reader through the intricacies of the plot.
There is something to intrigue the reader on every page of this action-packed novel.

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