The contemporary cataloguing obsession brings to a precise subdivision in genres and sub-genres, categories and sub-categories, and it seems nowadays essential. Unfortunately, following this way, the understanding that art is art because it escapes (and has to escape) from being put in boxes is totally lost. For this reason we decided not to divide our books in genres since we don't believe it to be a positive value for the novel, just a limitation.

A hardboiled novel can also have a love story in it, a historical novel can at the same time be a psicological thriller or a crime story and, unlikely most other publishers, at Oakmond publishing we believe the absence of categories to be a richness not an obstacle. A good well-written story is what we want and, as long it is well done, if there are magic, real, dreamlike, adventurous, historical or love elements in it, it doesn't really matter.

We won't condition imagination: a writer doesn't need categories, a reader even less.