A Flying Life

Marina Iuvara

A Flying Life


Being a flight attendant is not a work for everyone: it's a very demanding job and it has to be for the security of the flight. It needs a huge resistence-to-stress ability and it implies remarkable sacrifices but it also has unique features.

Always wanted to be a flight attendant?

Curious and fascinated about this job?

This is the book for you.

Together with the Italian flight attendant Anna who tells you all about a lifestyle deeply known to very few, this essay written as a novel will take you around the world. You quickly are catapulted into the fascinating, yet awkward and exhausting world of civil aviation. Fatigue and jet lag are compensated by other inviting advantages, such as seeing the world’s most awesome panoramas, eccentric and unique shopping centers, sunbathing on the most exotic beaches or visiting monuments all over the world. Through the main character’s experiences the book describes all the truth, the curiosities and the doubts about this very peculiar profession. And being a flight attendant herself, the author perfectly knows what she is talking about.

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  • Copertina flessibile: 184 pagine
  • Publisher: Oakmond Publishing (21st March 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN paperback: 978-3-96207-137-0
  • ISBN kindle: 978-3-96207-138-7
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