Who we are

Oakmond publishing is founded on the idea of three managers,

three friends coming from very different intellectual fields of research

with a common passion: reading.


Reading well written books, independently from the genre, the plot, the language difficulties, the artistic experimentation or the marketing criteria that, unfortunately, nowadays flattened a huge part of the contemporary literary production.

Paraphrasing Oscar Wilde, at Oakmond publishing, we are convinced that there is no such thing like moral or immoral books, commercial or unsellable ones, male or female books and de genre or literary ones. Books are well written or badly written. That is all.

On this motto, engraved with fire at the entrance of our publishing company, we will base our choices.

We are an international group where language differentiation is considered a richness not a limit. For this reason our publications will be in different languages independently from where our headquarters are based.

We publish paper books and digital ones focusing on new ecological forms of printing and distribution in order to offer competitive pricing and a widespread coverage.

Since our King is the book content and its highest dignitaries our readers, we decided to print little, elegant, light and easy-to-handle paperback in order to make our books as comfortable as possible and simplify transportation and packing for all our readers.

As head editor we have chosen Giada Trebeschi not only for her unquestionable competences but also because she firmly believes in this project. We want to thank her for accepting with enthusiasm and for deciding to entrust us with her own new works.

Our identities will stay confidential.

But we will sign the books we have chosen for you with our nomes de guerre,

culture partisans names full of symbolic meannings:

the Raven, the Owl, the Eagle.


Oakmond Publishing